Page 8 - MMC Ports Newsletter - 2023 JANUARY - MARCH_ISSUE
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          Safety and Security in Port Operations


             A culture of safety, diligence and
             accountability has to be upheld
             to ensure constant vigilance
             observed throughout MMC’s daily
             port operations by all port users
             and employees. To this end,
             the following measures, plans
             and policies are being enforced at
             each respective port:

                                PTP                                               Johor Port

          •  Urine Test Screening for New Worker of PTP Contractors  • UCUA policy, also available online
          • CM Operations/Speed Trap Enforcement               • Safety moment with operation division
          •  Five-year Safety Transformation Journey supported by   • Stop and Talk programme
           the Safety Maturity Scorecard                       • Random urine test for port users
          • Monthly Safety and Health Committee Meeting        • Health Safety Steering committee meeting
          • Monthly Safety and Health Workplace Inspection     • Frequent speed trap activity
          •  Incidents and lesson learnt sharing workshop through   • Schedule waste management training/awareness
           Leader-led Learning Teams                           • Fire Prevention programme/awareness with port users
          • Leader-led Safety Process Confirmation             • HAKAP annual meeting and audit
          • Weekly Safety Engagements with Employees           • Joint fire drill with port users
          • Quarterly Contractor HSE Engagement
          •  Safety Risk Reduction initiatives through Safety Kaizen
          • Consequence Management for HSSE offences                          Tanjung Bruas Port
          • Digital HSE Induction                              •  Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign
          • Electronic Permit to Work System                   •  Angkatan  Tentera  Malaysia  (Sungai  Udang  and
          •  Unsafe  Reporting/Act  Reporting  and  Incident    Canadian Army) Mantis Training
           Notification through Mobile App

                                                               •  HSSE  engagement  with  both  internal  and  external
          •  Business Continuity Plan                           stakeholders to ensure full compliance with established
          •  HSE Omission Notification                          standards and regulations inside Pengerang Integrated
          •  ‘You See You Act’ (UCUX)                           Complex
          •  Random Urine/Alcohol Tests
          •  Quarterly  Safety  Council  Meeting  and  engagement
           sessions with stakeholders                                          Kontena Nasional
          •  Regular management walkabout sessions
          •  Safety and security briefing for port pass application  •  Implementation of Visitor Monitoring System
                                                               •  Usage  of  HIK-Connect  mobile  application  for
                                                                round-the-clock CCTV updates directly to Security
                             Penang Port                        Person-in-Charge’s mobile devices
                                                               •  Dangerous Goods Awareness training programme for
          •  Safety briefing to port users - Permit To Work and Permit   employees
           Heavy Vehicle                                       • OSH Coordinators Programme for all its branches
          •  Port Performance Standard
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