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2023 JANUARY - MARCH ISSUE         5


             Keeping abreast with the latest
             technological developments and
             advancements, all ports leverage
             upon cutting-edge security
             innovations in their day-to-day
             surveillance and operations are as

                   Advanced Surveillance                                Recognition and Identification Systems/
                   Systems (CCTV and Drones)                            Optical Character Recognition

          Taking advantage of the connectivity offered nowadays,   The recent rise of recognition and capturing systems
          Northport (Malaysia) Bhd (Northport) and Penang      also take precedence across PTP, Northport and
          Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port) utilise Wireless Fidelity     Penang Port, especially through several ports’
          (Wi-Fi) closed-circuit television (CCTV) and Drone-based   implementation of facial and license plate recognition
          Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems at their premises   systems at access points. Enabling automatic access to
          and  operations,  providing  assigned  personnel  with  a   authorised  users,  these quick and efficient verification
          real-time bird’s eye view of all port happenings at one   systems  significantly  reduce the wait time and
          convenient location. Notably, features such as night   inaccuracies required by manual checks.
          vision, artificial intelligence and intrusion detection are
          also utilised in Northport’s surveillance systems.
          For Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (PTP),                  Empowered Through Digitalisation
          the  terminal is  equipped with  around  the  clock
          perimeter  monitoring,  with  249  high  resolution  CCTVs   Propelled through necessity throughout the pandemic
          featuring far range zoom function, analytical function,   season, advanced digitalised solutions are constantly
          passive infrared (PIR) and thermal camera capability.
                                                               launched for users across a variety of industries and
                                                               functional needs, offering efficient and safe functionality
                                                               at everyone’s fingertips. In line with this trend,
                   Gate Access Control System (GACS)           MMC’s ports have adopted several digitalised
                                                               applications and platforms, including PTP’s Access
                                                               Control System, a system that manages  the HID card
          Notably implemented in Northport, GACS is an
          integrated system that authorises employees and      pass issuance internally and externally to vendors
          port users to enter and exit the port terminal using   and tenants. This is also exemplified through Kontena
          thumbprint and access card authentication, with GACS   Nasional Berhad (Kontena Nasional) usage of HIK-
          also capturing the real-time status and movement of    Connect, a mobile app for round-the-clock CCTV updates
          port users by producing trail reports on entry and exit   directly to Security person-in-charge’s mobile devices.
          points.                                              Johor Port Berhad (Johor Port) has commenced
                                                               processes to enhance its online Port Pass Application
          PTP also utilises this system. The terminal has      System and Automatic Access Control System at
          established main integrated systems with CCTV and    Integrated Checkpoints and Gate C, with both expected
          visitor management at all entrances, with the capability    to complete by 16 April 2023. Johor  Port’s  subsidiary,
          to track the location of the access and real time    SPT Services Sdn Bhd (SPTS) has embarked on
          monitoring for port user.                            MyExpress and MyArrival initiatives for entering
                                                               Pengerang Integrated Complex.

                                                               Additionally, Tanjung Bruas Port Sdn Bhd (Tanjung Bruas
                                                               Port) has initiated its inhouse plans to launch a digital
                                                               scanner, meant to replace the existing manual bit book
                                                               process to improve parameter patrolling by the Port
                                                               Safety and Security Department officers.
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