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2023 JANUARY - MARCH ISSUE         7


             At MMC’s ports, safety and security awareness
             training sessions are held regularly, enabling both
             employees and users to understand operational
             guidelines and the right course of situational
             actions, reducing the chances of potential
             workplace accidents and incidents.

          The essential training programmes held at each port throughout the past few years are as follows:

           PTP                                                  Penang Port

           •  Safety Management System Training sessions which cover   •  Shooting Class for Port Police
            15  various  topics.  The  training  sessions  were  open  to   •  Sistem Keselamatan & Aspek Keselamatan training for all
            employees, and a total of 2,470 training hours recorded   Penang Port employees
            in 2022                                             •  Competency Training among port users based on the OSH
           •  Training  by  enforcement  agencies  including  Drone     1994 Act
            Handling and Response, Bomb Threat and Response     •  Whole  year  emergency  services  and  security  training  for
            Training, Traffic Control from PDRM, National Key    BOMBA and Police
            Installation Management Course (CGSO), Intelligence
            Training (MACC), Passport and Travel Document Inspection
            (Immigration)                                       Tanjung Bruas Port
           •  In-house  training  including  Malaysia  Basic  Law,
            AP Regulations,  ISPS Code Awareness,  First Responder,   •  Ship Derrick Training
            Incident Commander and OSC Responsibilities         • CRS Training and Recertification
           •  Emergency  Crisis  Training:  Risk  Management  Level   • ISPS Code Awareness Training
            One, Compartment Fire Behaviour Training, Breathing   • CATOS Familiarisation and Training
            Apparatus Training Gallery, Emergency Response Team   • VTMS Familiarisation Training
            Training – Basic, Intermediate, Advance for employees and
            Freezone Tenants
           •  SMS  HSE  Training:  HSE  Legislation,  Fatal  Five     SPTS
            Awareness, Safety Risk Assessment, Job Permit and PTW,
            Working At Height, Confined Space, Chemical Safety,   •  Train the Trainer
            Scheduled Waste Awareness, IMDG Awareness, Hearing   •  Working at Height
            Conservation, Incident Reporting and Investigation  •  Authorised Entrant and Standby Person
                                                                •  Authorised Gas Tester
           Johor Port                                           •  Oil & Gas Safety Passport
                                                                •  Occupational First Aid
           •  Safety Induction and Briefing                     •  Accident Investigation
           •  International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code Awareness   •  Scheduled Waste
           •  Basic Fire Fighting and Rescue Training           •  Safe Handling of Chemicals
           •  Scheduled Waste Awareness Training                •  Ergonomics
           •  Incident Reporting and Notification Training      •  Security training programmes including for Marine Facility
           •  Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Training  Security Officers, Criminal Investigation Procedures,
           •  Emergency  training  programmes  including  Emergency   Intelligence Gathering, and Auxiliary Police Training
            Response Plan Training, Basic Emergency Response
            Training, Fire and Evacuation Drill and Oil Spill Recovery   Kontena Nasional
            Emergency Drill
           •  Pasir  Gudang  Emergency  Matual  Aid  (PAGEMA)  Tier  2   •  Safety in Handling Forklift Trucks training
            Major Exercise Drill                                • Kod Amalan Industri Awareness training
           •  Dangerous Goods Cargo Handling Training
                                                                • Emergency Response Team training
           Northport                                            •  Anti-drug  Awareness  and  quarterly  mass  drug  testing
           •  Crime Prevention and Investigation                •  Side Loader Training to emphasise on safety awareness
           • Drone Pilot                                         toward hazards in the workplace
           •  International  Ship  and  Port  Facility  Security  Code   •  Conducted  General  Awareness  &  Familiarisation  Course
            Compliance and Understanding                         (40-20) (IMDG Code) to its employees to familiarise
           • Emergency First Responder                           international provisions and guidelines for the safe
           • Port Security Management                            transport and handling of dangerous goods.
           • Water Survival
           • Basic Fire Safety
           • Basic First Aid
           • Dangerous Goods Awareness
           •  Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Risk Control
           • Chemical Management
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