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2023 JANUARY - MARCH ISSUE         3


          Ahoy and welcome to the fourth edition of
          MMC Ports quarterly newsletter.

          In this issue, we set our sights towards exploring the   collective vision to ensure readiness moving forward.
          unchartered  seas of the  new year, bringing you the     Hence, this issue’s feature story, ‘Safety and Security in
          latest activities and announcements around all ports   Port Operations’, spotlights the latest safety and security
          as they look to sail through operations with trailblazing   technologies currently being utilised by the ports,
          success.                                             as well as measures being taken to safeguard our
                                                               stakeholders’ best interests and the nation’s regulations
          As exemplified through last year’s achievements,     in daily port operations.
          all MMC-affiliated ports remained resilient despite many
          supply  chain  and  logistical  hurdles,  overcoming  the     In terms of port activities and announcements thus
          endemic  period  with  record-breaking  throughput   far, the latest inside scoops regarding all ports are
          performances and constant progress in their role as     expanded upon in the ‘Around Our Ports’ section,
          the nation’s key economic hubs.                      alongside  awards and  accolades in  recognition  of  the
                                                               ports’ groundbreaking work in 2022. The ports’ recent
          Building upon these operational accomplishments,     sustainability  initiatives,  frameworks  and focuses  are
          all ports under the Group entered the first quarter of   also outlined in the ‘On Our Watch’ section.
          2023 with high aspirations to innovate and set a new
          bar, announcing new plans to continuously upgrade    Moving forward, all ports will work on executing upon
          their respective port infrastructure in line with growing   all announced plans for 2023 accurately and to the best
          international  standards  and  sustainability  demands   of their capabilities, driven and determined to ensure
          needed to secure a prosperous future ahead.          smooth sailing for all stakeholders ahead.
          With these goals established, securing the port      With that, thank you for being a part of MMC Ports’ new
          supply  chains and  ensuring on-site  compliance  by  all   year! Do read on for an exclusive overview of our year’s
          parties are essential foundations towards the ports’   progress and forecast for the rest of the year ahead.
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