Page 14 - MMC Ports Newsletter - 2023 JANUARY - MARCH_ISSUE
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          On Our                                       COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT


                                                   JOHOR PORT REACHES OUT TO
                                                   FLOOD VICTIMS IN MUAR
                                                   Johor Port, together with Johor Port
          The first quarter of                     Authority distributed 100 hygiene kits
          2023 presents brand                      and  food  aid  directly  to  flood  victims
                                                   who have been housed in temporary
          new opportunities for                    relief centres in Felda Maokil and
          MMC’s ports to further                   Felcra Bukit Kepong to alleviate the
                                                   burden of those affected.
          enhance and execute
          upon their sustainability                EDUCATIONAL VISIT AT SWETTENHAM PIER CRUISE TERMINAL (SPCT)
          agendas, done through                    Penang Port hosted an educational visit from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuak Hulu
          the announcements and                    at SPCT. During the visit, Penang Port provided students with exposure
                                                   and experiences regarding port operations. This visit aimed at enriching the
          launches of innovative                   students’  understanding of the crucial role that ports play as the nation’s
          sustainability initiatives               important economic sector.
          for the benefit of                       NORTHPORT ORGANISES
          employees, society and                   CSR CHINESE NEW YEAR
          the environment.                         2023
                                                   Northport  held  a  CSR
                                                   programme in conjunction
                                                   with  the  Chinese  New  Year
                                                   in collaboration with an
                                                   NGO, Persatuan Kebajikan Gerobok Iman Hawa. The programme involved
                                                   the distribution of food and personal care items to about 50 individuals
                                                   who are struggling with homelessness in Klang. The Klang-based NGO was
                                                   set up to carry out charitable activities and community services to help the
                                                   homeless and other groups in need.

                                                       HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT

                                                   NORTHPORT HEALTH SCREENING PROGRAMME
                                                   Northport has successfully organised a Health Screening Programme (HSP)
                                                   for employees on 26 and 27 January 2023. The programme, held in
                                                   collaboration with Social Security Organisation, was organised with the
                                                   objective of promoting a healthy lifestyle and awareness of non-communicable
                                                   diseases among members of TeamNorthport. The HSP offered three
                                                   sub-programmes namely SEHATi, Basic Health Screening and ROSE-HPV

                                                   NORTHPORT HOSTS GROUP
                                                   ONBOARDING PROGRAMME (GOP)
                                                   Northport hosted the GOP with all
                                                   new employees within the MMC Group
                                                   on 16 March 2023. This quarterly
                                                   programme was organised to familiarise
                                                   the new hires with the overall work culture and equipped them with the
                                                   required knowledge to become productive members of the team.
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